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Bondi Kiss is bringing new life to the age-old favourite, paw paw ointment

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Growing up under the blistering sun in Australia, we were taught to “slip, slop, slap” and take care of our skin. But when perusing the aisles in 2015, it became apparent that when it came to our lips, you could either choose a moisturising balm or a stick of sunscreen – why not both?

Drawing inspiration from the golden sands and crystal blue waters of Bondi Beach, we set out to create a truly Australian product – one that looks good, feels good, and IS good for you. We knew we wanted to bring together our love of paw paw ointment and all its healing properties, with SPF sun protection. But have you tried lip balms with sunscreen? Yeah, they’re kind of gross.

After months of testing with our partner at their high-tech laboratories in Victoria, we were able to successfully combine organic ingredients AND SPF AND three delicious flavours! And that, our friends, is how Bondi Kiss was born.

Tube of Bondi Kiss on rocks

“Bondi Kiss is paw paw ointment…with benefits” – Sam, Director

Let us introduce organic Vitamin E. Vitamin E is the soother in the group. Its distinct antioxidant properties will do the repairing of the damaged cells and nurture and heal them back to full strength.

Coconut oil is used in many natural beauty products due to its antibacterial, anti-fungal and moisturising properties. It's unique natural fatty acid composition work wonders in the beauty benefit department.

Finally, the hero: SPF15! Growing up in Australia, SPF the founding ingredient in any sunscreen quickly becomes your best friend. It is very easy to forget to protect your lips from the harsh effects of too much sun exposure which is why the added ingredient of SPF has become the crucial final touch in bringing together the world’s best lip balm product.

We spent a lot of time developing and testing Bondi Kiss, and finally settled on three amazing flavours: manuka honey, coconut and salted caramel. They taste so good! And they make the most amazing gifts, souvenirs and additions to gift baskets!

Three flavours of Bondi Kiss

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